5 Questions: Crystal Granderson-Reid

1. What is the most meaningful object you wear?

I wear a gold ring with the small letter “g” on it, and a thin gold necklace adorned with the Healing Heart Milagro and the Juju Ring jangles (a gift from Casey). The reason being, the ring belonged to my late mother, Glenda. But don’t let the small letter “g” fool you; her grand personality filled a room. And though my mother could not wear the jangles around her neck, I’d tied them around her left wrist. That upon her demise was the only part of her body that did not swell or yellow; it remained delicate and caramel-colored.  


2. Why do you wear it?

Ever since my mother passed, I wear the ring and the jangles whenever I’m doing something meaningful. Which for me are when I'm working on my manuscript or cooking for my family. Because not only do they bring me closer to my mother, they allow me to appreciate those moments even more.  




3. What does the saying "good juju" mean to you?

Good juju means adopting the understanding: every single person matters. With that, it’s impossible to turn a blind eye or pretend not to care.


4. Who is your Juju hero?

My maternal grandmother, Sue, whom rejected ignoring anyone, no matter the reason. Although she died when I was 10, my grandmother had the soul of a Lion and the heart of a Saint. Two things I hope to carry forward until my end.


5. What is your motto?

Love. Laugh. Live.
(... In that order)



ABOUT CRYSTAL: Ever since I was a young girl, I've loved writing. I'd spend hours drafting concepts for fictitious commercials, and full-on productions starring my brothers and cousins.
By the second grade, I'd written my first short story entitled "The Three Blind Roaches". Which I admit, was a shameless plagiarism of "The Three Blind Mice".  Yet and still, my second grade teacher, Mrs. Heaviside, felt my work had merit; I wrote what I knew.
Throughout the years, the breadth of my knowledge has since increased, as I've spent the last few years writing a manuscript based on my childhood. And as I pursue the dream of publishing, Brooklyn Chateau is home to my storied life.

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