Juju Journal: January

New Year’s resolutions are often filled with the promise of growth and change in the New Year. For Juju Supply it’s no different. As we look back on 2017, our first full calendar year in business, we’re happy to celebrate our accomplishments but more importantly we’re looking ahead to see how we can grow our offering and improve the customer experience in 2018.

This year we were fortunate to be featured in several publications and we saw a sizable increase in our customer base. We introduced a host of new products, had successful trunk shows in various cities across the United States and shipped our Juju to customers as far away Australia!


Instagram (@jujusupply) is still our most powerful tool for connecting with our audience. We are going to keep posting Jangle inspiration but will expand our view out into the world featuring people who radiate good Juju. We are also going to start a monthly newsletter that will include new product releases, upcoming trunk shows, and relay customer experiences with the brand. We’ve also decided to include more sales and promotions so you can finally treat yourself to that 22K gold evil eye!


We plan to overhaul our website making it simpler to shop and easier to build your own bespoke Jangle. People are always asking if we sell in stores. Currently, we do not wholesale our line. Everything we sell is loaded with meaning and symbolism and we fear this getting lost in the retail setting. If you have questions, comments, need advice on what to buy or have requests for things you would like to see on the site, please just shoot us an email at hi@jujusupply.com

We had some wonderful moments of Good Juju in 2017….

After reading an article in the New York Times about a family’s ranch in Mexico, we reunited with a friend we hadn't seen in almost 30 years! Thanksgiving was spent on 34,000 acres in the Sonoran Desert with our dear friends @Casamidy. Their new line of Rachero Chic is sure to make major waves. We ATV’d through rivers, horseback rode amongst wild buffalo, wore ponchos and chaps and laughed harder than we can remember. From the landscape to the camaraderie good Juju was never more abundant and it’s already inspired some new products for this year.

Juju Adventures


Casey continued to have full body cancer scans every three months.  She bravely drank radioactive bug-juice, endured countless IV’s and removed her juju armor only when it was time to put on the gown and go under the cat scan’s eye. She got poked and prodded but faced everything with composure and bravery. We’re happy to report she’s still cancer free and eating way too much dark chocolate (with coconut sugar).

One of the joys of our work is reading the handwritten notes our customers can opt for when purchasing gifts. We are lucky enough to transcribe incredible messages of love, encouragement, hope and solidarity. These heartfelt sentiments can bring tears to our eyes and even the occasional chuckle. We love the power that sending good Juju gives our customers. These notes remind us that we are doing something that connects people to their loved ones and makes them FEEL GOOD.

“Something to wear as you fight this battle, to remind you that there is positive energy directed your way from near and far away. Thank you for all of your care-taking for all of these years. May it all come back to you ten-fold.”

“I love what this Juju Ring represents - bring good juju wherever you go. May this small token encourage you to continue to share your compassion, caring and connectedness with those in your circle and beyond”

We are excited to unveil some new products this Spring! Not only do we have new charms and bracelets, we have some very cool men's intention rings that we are designing in collaboration with a Native American husband and wife team in Taos, NM. Like our hand-cut stones from India, we love working with artisans who specialize in a particular craft. We have always been huge fans of Native American jewelry and were thrilled to find the right duo to partner with. We’re putting the Juju touch on these pieces and can’t wait to share them with you.

Also, we are always adding vintage Juju to the site and will periodically send email notifications out when these new pieces become available. They never last long, so if you see some vintage Juju that you like - nab it!

Thank you to our families, friends, customers and those we met on our travels this year. Whether you bought something, told someone about us, liked a photo on Instagram, or just had a pleasant conversation with us, we appreciate you!


We look forward to the beauty that lies ahead this year! Sending you all good juju!

Jonathan and Casey

Rest in peace Bob R. You will be missed.

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