Our Juju Eyeball

Our Juju Eyeballs have been getting a lot of love these days so we thought we would share a little about their significance and where ours come from.

Giving someone the "evil eye" is a curse believed to cause great misfortune. As protection, people all over the Mediterranean wear the evil eye to stave off the malevolent glare. It can be worn as jewelry, sewn into clothing, hung on homes and dangled from rear view mirrors. Evil eyes are typically blue but we have taken some artistic license and commissioned our workshop in Istanbul to make them in a rainbow of hues. 
White Juju Eyeballs
We discovered this magical workshop thanks to Casey's mother Sally, the original Juju Hunter. The workshop is run by two incredibly spirited Turks who line the walls of their emporium with collectables from all over the region. Ceramics, oil paintings, furniture - it's a treasure hunter's paradise. 
Istanbul Shop
We are thrilled to have them on Team Juju creating these exclusive 24K gold eyes for us and can't wait to pay them a visit soon!
Jonathan + Casey

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