Vintage Juju in Palm Springs

One of the exciting things about our current lives is that we are traveling more than ever. Being in a long distance relationship, we split our time between our respective places in Brooklyn and in Chicago, our shared place in Michigan and family houses in Palm Springs and New Mexico.  LUCKY US! 

Being total junkies for estate sales, flea markets, vintage clothing stores, etc. we have started looking for vintage Juju pieces everywhere we go in addition of course to the constant search for the perfect denim shirt and broken-in army jacket:)

Sometimes you stumble upon a store that is so beautifully curated and effortlessly cool, that you literally want to move in to the space. In Palm Springs this store is called the Galleria.  

When we first started dating, Casey gave me a vintage turquoise ring from the Galleria, which has nary left my finger since.  Cool men's rings are super hard to find, and possibly harder to pull off. I have always gravitated towards turquoise. One of the older stones in man's history, it's known as the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors known for it's protective qualities. 

This ring is probably the item I get the most compliments on. Aside from making me feel protected and strong, it makes me feel like, well...a MAN.  It also is a constant reminder of a gift from someone whom I was quickly falling for-who happens to have the best taste of anyone I know. 

If you're in Palm Springs, there are plenty of great stores to shop in, but make it a point to stop in the Galleria and get something for yourself, or better yet, someone you love. They are guaranteed to cherish it forever.

 xo, Jon + Casey 









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