Cancer Jewelry - Gifts For Cancer Patients

Cancer Jewelry - Gifts For Cancer Patients

Are you looking to support someone through their battle with cancer? Our bespoke cancer jewelry can help support and galvanise those undergoing treatment.

Juju Supply was born in a chemo unit. Casey Benjamin, one of our co-founders, discovered that the charms and talismans she wore daily to her treatments during her second cancer helped her feel empowered in the face of the debilitating chemotherapy. The charms emboldened her. Made her feel like she was truly driving a force against the cancer. When you have cancer you feel entirely helpless. Anything that makes a patient feel like they are taking some control back and effecting positive change is truly a gift.

Being a patient is an incredibly awkward time for everyone involved. As the patient, you feel like a burden and inconvenience and are hesitant to ask for anything. As a loved one, it is very difficult to know what to give to a patient or what you actually can do to demonstrate caring and support. Sometimes there are dietary restrictions, activity limitations,  and a compromised immune system at play. The traditional gift of food or flowers can be inappropriate. Giving the gift of good juju to someone battling cancer connects you to them patient in honest and loving way. A gift of good juju is empowering. Cancer patients say that the juju becomes their armor. They wear it to every radiation, every infusion and every scan. They never take it off.  The gift of good juju is a win-win for everybody - it feels good to give and even better to receive it.

The charms and crystals in our Healing Collection were chosen for their special meaning. Our healing milagros (miracles in Spanish) are ancient symbols from the Americas. People of Hispanic heritage use milagros to solicit divine intervention for an illness. In Juju’s use case, we want people with cancer or recovering from a surgery to wear a body part milagro that corresponds to their ailment. A breast cancer survivor wears a breast, an ovarian cancer patient her ovaries, a knee replacement patient a knee and on and on. The charm works to focus the patient’s mind in a healing direction. Less stress and positive thinking patterns translates to faster healing. Mind over medicine.

We are not just gifts for cancer patients. Here is a list of our body parts and the relative ailments they correspond to: knees for knee replacement surgery, breasts for breast cancer, lungs for lung diseases and lung cancer, livers for liver disease and liver cancer, spines for spinal injuries, ovaries for ovarian cancer and cysts, brains for brain tumors, hearts for heart disease and general wellness, thyroid for thyroid cancer and a foot for foot surgeries and broken bones.

Healing Rock Quartz is the crystal in the Healing Collection. It is known for it's ability to draw out pain and cleanse negative energy. Rock Crystal is the perfect complement to the healing milagro.