• Protection Hamsa Jangle
  • Protection Hamsa Jangle
  • Protection Hamsa Jangle

Protection Hamsa Jangle


The hamsa is a Middle Eastern amulet that offers protection from the evil eye and wards off negative influences.

Smoky quartz absorbs negative energy and roots you firmly in the moment. It purges the environment of hard feelings and distrust neutralizing the area. Working as a watchdog, it creates an aura of invincibility that allows you to see clearly and make wise choices.

The Juju Ring reminds you to bring good juju wherever you go. The circle symbolizes the commonality of the human experience, encouraging you to step into the flow. A person with good juju radiates compassion, caring and connectedness. It’s the best kind of contagious. 

  • Hamsa measures approx. .5" x .75"
  • 18K Gold has diamond center
  • Hand-faceted rock quartz crystal measures approx. .5" x .75"
  • Juju Ring measures approx. 1" wide
  • Juju chains are 20" ball-style
  • Available in brass, sterling silver or 14K gold


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