Jewelry with good Juju.

Meaningful pieces that offer support for people going through hard times.


Why we do what we do.

Juju Supply was founded by a pair of lifelong friends, Jonathan and Casey, who reconnected in the wake of cancer and divorce.

They began their partnership by sharing their most beloved lucky charms—tying things on each other, passing back and forth amulets, crystals, talismans, and trinkets as morale boosters and reminders of brighter days ahead.


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The Story is in the Juju

Juju Journal: January

Juju Journal: January

New Year’s resolutions are often filled with the promise of growth and change in the New Year. For Juju Supply it’s no different. As we look back on 2017, our first full calendar year in business, we’re happy to celebrate our accomplishments but more importantly we’re looking ahead to see how we can grow our offering and improve the customer experience in 2018.
5 Questions: Kim Kushner

5 Questions: Kim Kushner

Kim Kushner is a chef, a teacher, and the author of best-selling kosher cookbook, The Modern Menu. For more information, visit