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    Vintage JuJu

    charms in our Vintage Juju Collection are chosen for their symbolic meaning. Each one fits into one of our intentional collections: Tranquility, Protection, Healing, Fresh Starts or Compassion. The vintage charms Vintage Juju Collection. flea markets antique shows charms that are in terrific condition and will add that bespoke l amazing scout in one of our founder’s mothers hunt for vintage charms.meaningful and have symbolism that fits into our Juju story. Having said that, once the charm,to act quickly if a charm in our vintage collection sparks your interest. Buddha, elephant, a hand wrought scarab charm - the choice is yours! Our vintage charms Our vintage charms are a great bespoke addition. figa amulet totem. vintage meaningful gift as well. A recent graduate received an antique corno, a carved jade Buddha and our Juju ring as a Jangle. It was such a meaningful personalized gift. often as the vintage collection is always changing. graduation divorce token amulet fetish good luck charm personalized diamonds rubies charms. starting over. mindfulness one of a kind unique singular cool funky charms