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    Juju Supply believes in mind over medicine. Jewelry infused with good juju amplifies positive intention and supports the wearer during physical and emotional struggles. Whether it’s cancer, surgery, depression or recovery of any sort, wearing a totemic piece of jewelry acts as a gentle reminder to focus your mind in a positive healing direction. 

    Juju Supply was founded in a chemo unit. One of the co-founders is a two-time cancer survivor who began wearing meaningful jewelry during her cancer treatment and discovered that she felt empowered by the pieces. Each of the charms and crystals that she wore connected her to people and places that meant something to her. She felt protected and supported. Our Healing Collection is filled with charms to bring healing positive energy to the wearer. They are the ideal gift for anybody battling cancer.

    The  signature charm in the Healing Collection is our milagro. Milagros (miracle in Spanish) are symbolic images carved out of metal traditionally used to solicit divine intervention. Our milagros are body parts worn to represent illness in the wearer’s body. Our co-founder had cervical and lung cancer. Today she wears both a cervix milagro and a lung milagro. The charms work as tangible reminders to stay positive and keep focused on healing.

    Juju Supply is proud to offer many different body parts. We have focused on body parts that are most commonly affected by cancer. A breast for breast cancer, a lung for lung cancer, liver for liver cancer etc. We also have body parts that represent common surgeries. When a person is ill it is hard and complicated to know what to give them. Many times there are dietary and/or activity restrictions that make the decision even more difficult. Gifting a Healing Jangle from Juju Supply is gift that feels good to give and even better to receive. It becomes a physical manifestation of your love and care. Worn to chemotherapy appointments and scans, it connects you to the wearer. Healing Jangles become armor for the wearer and a patient with something positive to focus on gets better quicker.

    The crystal chosen for the Healing Collection is rock quartz. It is a highly programmable stone that draws out pain and protects the wearer from negative energy. When first wearing a healing rock quartz is it recommended that the wearer hold it tight and set the intention on healing a specific body part. Once it’s been made your own, wear it and let the crystal get to work.