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    The charms and crystals in our Fresh Start Collection are intended to support the wearer as they embark upon a new chapter. Fresh Start Jangles have been given to graduates, people going through a divorce, people starting a new job or moving to a new city. A Fresh Start Jangle is a beautiful gift of support for a loved one starting over. Going through a life transition can be very difficult and isolating. A Fresh Start Jangle helps the wearer feel less alone on their new adventure.

    The signature charm in our Fresh Start Collection is Ganesh. He is the mighty Hindu elephant God seen all over India as the remover of obstacles. No venture, birth, marriage or change is undertaken without the support of the beloved Elephant God. All restaurants, homes, class rooms, and places of work have an altar set up to Ganesh. He is a signifier and supporter of change. Without him change literally is not safely undertaken.

    Labradorite is the adventurer’s stone. It’s brilliant green blue hue is said to have psychic powers bringing you in touch with the real you. It supports change by helping you see clearly and set you on the right path. Each stone is different, filled with multicolored striations that shimmer in the light. The stone makes you feel energized and excited urging you in the direction of change.

    Our good juju ring is part of our signature Fresh Start Jangle. A positive attitude is needed when going through change and meeting new people and places. The juju ring reminds you to smile and bring positive energy to new situations. Worn together with Ganesh and the labradorite it’s a power packed trio that will support the wearer through any kind of transition.