Our Juju

Juju Supply Co. is curated by a pair of lifelong friends, Jonathan and Casey, who reconnected in the wake of cancer and divorce. They began their partnership by sharing their most beloved lucky charms—tying things on each other, passing back and forth amulets, crystals, talismans, and trinkets as morale boosters and reminders of brighter days ahead.
Dormant for 8 years, Casey’s cancer returned with a vengeance in 2015, forcing her into a fight for her life. Throughout major surgery and punishing chemotherapy, she found that the items she surrounded herself with really made a difference. Seemingly incidental objects could be transformed into touchstones when chosen with intention, providing her with tremendous comfort, helping to focus her thoughts in a positive direction, inspiring energy, hope, and healing—and reminding her of life beyond medicine. 
Juju Supply Co. celebrates the true origin of jewelry, objects of adornment that carry meaning and significance. Like the wedding ring, there’s power in the jewelry you wear every day—power to remind you of who you are and who you want to be, of where you’re going and where you’ve been, of the people you love, and the protection, tranquility, and support they offer.
Juju Supply Co. provides you with the perfect item for rallying the spirit and powering through. No matter what we're going through, we can all use a little good Juju. 


Our signature Jangles are collections of three supercharged charms that hang together. Each Jangle has a healing crystal, a symbolic object, and our good Juju ring. The Jangles are not static pieces, it’s important to add to them. As you travel, see friends, clean out drawers, hit a flea market - pick up something that resonates with you and slip it on. The key is not to become too attached to the Jangle. It's an active piece, it should never feel finished. It represents who you are what you're going through at any period in time.

Our Gold + Silk Intention Bracelets are for you to assign your own meaning to them. Created in 4 color ways, they fasten with a simple knot. Let them act as a simple reminder of your goals. On the wrist, just like on the neck, we love a pile up. Tie on your intention bracelet then add to it... you could wear a friend's bangle, buy an old cuff, add on a string of baking twine. Keep it active and let it reflect intention.