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    Crystals + Stone Hearts

    We believe in the power of crystals worn with intention. We have carefully selected stones that can be worn alone or on your bespoke Jangle to focus the mind. Each collection has been curated with a series crystals intended to be intention amplifiers. When worn with charms of similar purpose they pack a powerful juju packed punch.

    Our Healing Collection features the Master Healer, rock quartz crystal. It is highly advisable to set an intention when first wearing this stone. Rock crystal works to draw out pain and shields the wearer from negativity. This stone is the ideal companion for anybody going through an illness or recovering from a surgery. Cancer patients that wear a healing rock quartz crystal have reported back feeling like they are driving a force against the cancer in their minds. One breast cancer patients told us that she wears the healing crystal to every chemotherapy treatment and it has become her armor. Truly a magical and powerful totem for anybody going through cancer.

    Our Fresh Start collection features the crystal labradorite. A gorgeous and brilliant stone for new beginnings. Each crystal boasts unique striations and color patterns. Typically labradorite is blue green and has a iridescent flash when worn. Labradorite is a powerful crystal worn to shepherd people through new chapters. Our fresh start crystals have been used for graduation gifts, symbols of solidarity for women going through a divorce, or as totems of forgiveness.

    Tranquility is supported by rose quartz. This crystal opens up the heart and eases communication. It acts as a physical reminder to bring love and a peaceful approach to every interaction. The warm pink glow of the rose quartz crystal adds a pretty feminine touch to your Jangle. Rose quartz crystal is a romantic gift for a loved one; it works to bring 2 hearts into alignment working as a gentle reminder to be authentic.

    Green amethyst and golden citrine are two crystals in our Compassion Collection. As crystals, they work hard to illuminate the world around you. They show the way and encourage radical acceptance bringing focus and awareness to other people's struggles. A mother with a child struggling with ADHD wears her green amethyst to remind herself to stay calm even when things are going haywire at home.