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    To act with compassion you have an acute awareness of another person’s struggle and demonstrate a true desire to alleviate it. Our Compassion jewelry is worn as a gentle reminder to be less selfish and more giving, to be more generous and less self-centered. It is worn to remember that other people need support and love without judgment. You cannot experience true peace, tranquility or happiness if you don’t express true compassion for others. This is a core tenet of living with good juju.

    acceptance surrender go with the flow

    Buddhism is rooted in compassionate thought patterns. The Buddha spent years focusing on self-acceptance. Once he achieved enlightenment, he was able to turn outward and practice unilateral empathy. The Buddha expressed comfort and concern for others by first learning to love himself. Our compassion collection works as a tangible reminder to act with empathy and concern for the world around you. The charms act prompts to act with patience, tolerance and empathy.

    Our Buddha charms come in mother of pearl, 14K gold, brass and sterling. Our mudra charm represents one of the Buddha’s sacred hand gestures. Both Buddha charms work to represent and remind the wearer of the peace that the compassionate life can bring.

    Another iconic image that enhance feelings of compassion is the moon. As the ultimate symbol of natural rhythms, it reminds you to act in harmony with the world around you. The moon also represents illumination in darkness. It brings the outer world into focus and makes you feel safe about going further.

    Elephants are another age-old symbol of compassion. They are one of the only animals to mourn their dead and stay locked in family units until they die. Elephants are fiercely committed and dedicated to their families. Wearing an elephant charm stands as a testament to your own familial commitment and broadcasts a message that you are one to be counted on.

    Our compassion collection also features crystals and stones that are used to amplify compassionate behaviors. Green amethyst enhances inner vision and love. It unifies the head and the heart allowing the wearer to have an emotional response that is informed by the thinking mind. The crystal works to bring attention to emotions and feelings encouraging the wearer to act with compassion. It is available in 14K gold with and without a bezel or sterling. Our golden citrine crystal is another stone known for its compassionate properties. It is a stone of illumination and brightness.  Golden citrine is available in 14K gold with and without a bezel or sterling. Either crystal can be worn alone or added to any Jangle for a special sparkly compassionate touch.