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    Our Intention Bracelets are designed exclusively for Juju a by a true Juju Hero and friend of the brand, Tracy Gosein. She is a powerful English woman who runs a production company in Brooklyn. In the little downtime she has, she creates these one-of-kind Intention Bracelets for Juju. She set her intention on success has not looked back since.

    Our Intention Bracelets are designed with gold-plated chain and colorful silk thread. They are 52” long and are simply tied on the wrist, there is no clasp. It is simply double-knotted and has two little dangles that hang from the wrist. When tying on the bracelet you are meant to set an intention and let the bracelet act as a gentle reminder of your goals. A favorite use-case was a customer who wore the Intention Bracelet as a symbol of her sobriety and her commitment to staying clean. She wears it everyday and loves it’s powerful and personal symbolism.

    The Intention Bracelet does not come off easily. Of course it can be untied, but it is meant to stay on until it falls off. Our founder has worn each of hers for years at a time. The Intention Bracelet begins to fray and age and in our opinion only becomes more charming. The bracelet comes in 4 color ways — poppy, poppy and sky, purple and sky, and pink and sky. Each one comes with the gold chain that creates a subtly sparkly wrist. Because the Intention Bracelet sits flush against the wrist it looks great alone or as part of a wrist stack, other bracelets easily slide over the wrap.

    The Intention Bracelet is the ultimate friendship bracelet or gift for members of a wedding party. Bridesmaids connected by matching bracelets send a powerful message of intention on a wedding day. Best friends living in different cities are connected by a matching wrist. The Intention Bracelet works as a beautiful gift to commemorate the beginning of a new phase or endeavor.