"Juju Supply was born in a chemo unit."
Mama of the Moment
Mama & Tata
"For Casey Benjamin, big risks beget big rewards."
A Moment with Juju Supply Co.
Live the Process
"Christmas is right around the corner and if you haven't stocked up on gifts yet, you may be in full on panic mode. If that's the case, TODAY has you covered."
TODAY's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: 50 gift ideas for everyone on your list.
"Casey Benjamin, two time cancer survivor and founder of Juju Supply, on six simple ways to manifest love and good vibes in your life."
Change Of Heart
Stone Fox Bride
"Know a friend or loved one who had a really bad 2016? Whether it was major (a death in the family, a diagnosis, or a lost job) or just a string of smaller frustrations, send one of these thoughtful presents, with the hope of a better year to come."
13 Gifts for Someone Who Had a Truly Terrible Year.
"Our roster of ridiculously radiant rings and necklaces, bedazzling brooches and bracelets to bedeck the holiday season."
The Ultimate Jewelry Gift Guide: Charm Bracelets, Statement Earrings, Cocktail Rings, and More
"It's time to celebrate the holiday season! Check out the PERFECT gifts to hand out during the best time of the year!"
OK! Magazine's PERFECT Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season!
"Stone Fox Casey Benjamin — mother of two and Co-Founder of Juju Supply Co. — beat cancer twice, then changed her life. "
Fuck Cancer
Stone Fox Bride - October 20, 2016
"But, no matter what, I will never, not ever, live an inauthentic life again. So, thank you cancer, you enabled me to really live."
Girl Gift Gather - October 10, 2016
"Now cancer-free, this New Yorker is doing things her way: She quit her job and started a jewelry website (, where people can purchase meaningful pieces for loved ones going through hardships."
New Chapter, New Hair
Real Simple - July 01, 2016
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