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    Tranquility Peace peaceful yoga buddha healing crystals Collection is full of charms and crystals that promote peaceful thinking. stress little tangible depression to focus on the positive and to keep it light. The anchor of the tranquility collection is the om charm.  With practice, you can learn to look good energy, jewelry with good vibes, jewelry with good energy, lucky charms, peace charms, yoga jewelry. Om is the sound of the universe, the hum that we hear in silence. The human condition is a shared experience. People all over the globe experience pain, stress, and chaos. The om commonality of the human experience, showing us that peace truly resides within. "Om" is a spiritual incantation made before many sacred and meditative practices including certain mantra based yoga practices and rituals. Just chanting is said to be bring peace. mantra jewelry, meditation jewelry, charms for meditation, charms for peace, charms for tranquility, crystal healing, crystals for peace. Rainbow Moonstone is one of the two crystals in our Tranquility Collection. harmony between the over-active monkey mind and ever-peaceful heart. At Rainbow Moonstone crystals can work to ease your mind and create a sanctuary for restful thinking. peaceful thinking, stress reliever. Rose Quartz is the other stone in our Tranquility Collection. It’s pink hue is peaceful and soothing. Rose Quartz is known to facilitate communication and open the heart. With an open and accepting heart, true peace can be accessed. Rose Quartz is a lovely charm of affection and warmth for loved one. pink charms, pink jewelry, love jewelry, jewelry for love