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    All of the charms, crystals and talismans in our Protection Collection are ancient symbols used around the world for their protective qualities.

    The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima is a Mediterranean symbol that has it’s origin in Egypt. It is said to protect the wearer from the evil eye. The evil eye is a malevolent glare that is said to cause illness, death and misfortune. It is also used to ward off all negative energy and creates an impermeable protective space around the wearer.  Our Hamsa charm is available in brass, sterling and gold with a diamond center. It’s a wonderful stand-alone charm or mix-in for your Jangle. A wonderful gift to let a person know you wish them to be kept safe from harm.

    Also in the Protection Collection is our 22k gold evil eye charm. Definitely our most popular piece of Juju, the evil eye charm comes from a family of craftsmen in Istanbul, Turkey. Each eye is hand crafted shaped and poured. Because of it’s high karat weight, the Turkish gold has an incredible golden color that is unlike gold from any other part of the world. Our evil eye is is available in orange, lilac, white and blue and can be done in other custom colors by request. As they are hand-formed, each piece is one of a kind. These evil eyes add the perfect little pop of color to your neck or Jangle.

    Our Fertility Goddess is a meaningful gift of protection for a woman trying to get pregnant or an expectant mother. Wearing the Fertility Goddess allows the woman to focus only stress-free energy on her belly. A little rub of the charm here and there is a happy reminder of the impending pregnancy. It’s an ancient symbol of womanhood and fertility connecting the wearer to mother earth and all the other mothers who have come before her. It’s a grounding and magical charm that reminds a woman of her reproductive prowess.

    The Woman Power Charm in our Protection Collection is a charm of solidarity. It is worn to show allegiance and connection to women around the world who struggle for equal opportunities and fair treatment. It’s great alone as a gift for the blossoming feminist and also perfect for the grandmother who’s seen it all. Worn as a Jangle mix-in it’s a powerful high-five to women around the world.